Thanks again!

And congratulations on the great software. I own METASTOCK, TC, DAILYGRAPHS, DYNAMIC TRADER (just learning it - 4 inches of binder materials need to be gone thru!), and have links to every online charting service there is, and despite all that, NOT A DAY GOES BY THAT I DON'T USE THE OVERLAY.

-- Gregg of Longwood (TCNet user, TrillionDollarMan)

I used the new software intraday on the one minute charts...and the 5 min...but mainly the one min charts. It was incredible how the pitchfork caught the pivots!! I don't usually watch such a short time frame, but it was fun doing it today. I like the fact that my TCNet charts aren't cluttered with so many trendlines. I can minimize the overlay, then look at the longer time frame chart, then return to the one I am trading intraday. Without ChartOverlay, I can hardly see the price bars on my daily chart!! They are covered up with intraday trendlines. I also like the ability to change colors of the pitchfork tines. I can tell which support/resistance/median lines go together after the initial pivot is off the screen (because of time passing.) Of course the ability to also draw fibs and place text for EWA are additional bonuses. In all, this software is incredible. It is going to be a great help for my trading.

Thanks for a great software package.


I became interested in Andrew's Lines (pitchforks) after a friend (kmack) showed them to me. I was able to use the Pitchfork capabilities of ChartOverlay to confirm my usual TA on the first day for a very profitable trade. I continue to be pleased and surprised by the power of this tool.

--Russ Senkovich (TCNet user, rvich)