If you would like more information about how to apply the tools in ChartOverlay, here are some books, articles and web sites that we have found useful or that have been recommended by others.  Use them at your discretion.  Experiment with the tools with which you feel comfortable and explore your own ideas.

Fibonacci Analysis

Michael Jardine, New Frontiers in Fibonacci Trading

Robert Fischer, Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders

Robert Fischer, The New Fibonacci Trader

Larry Pesavento, Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition

Books are fine, but if you want to learn faster and make fewer expensive mistakes, take a look at Stock Market Targets. Rick West is a very successful independent trader who acquired a strong following at TCNet before developing his own web site. Rick now offers a variety of learning opportunities, including free stock picks and analysis, an inexpensive newsletter and a premium online real-time training forum. Learning from a master trader can be much faster and much less expensive than trial and error.

Andrews Lines

Timothy Morge, Trading with Median Lines, written by a highly successful professional money manager and master chartist who generously shares what he has learned; more info at:

Coghlan Capital is a relatively new site specializing in Forex and precious metals that is receiving good reviews from its subscribers. Paul Coghlan has prepared a brief Video Tutorial on Andrews Lines (see menu at left) that will give you a preview of his abilities.

Pitchfork Primer, a highly regarded tutorial whose graduates offer frequent public praise

Patrick Mikula, The Best Trendline Methods of Alan Andrews and Five New Trendline Techniques