ChartOverlay provides you with a transparent (or translucent) window through which you can view a chart displayed by another program and upon which you can draw various studies that interest you.

Because neither the overlay nor the underlying chart program is aware of the other, you can use ChartOverlay anywhere. You can use ChartOverlay with end-of-day or real-time charting programs, web browsers, spreadsheets, PDF files, newsletters and the like.


Among the studies provided are:

  • Trendlines
  • Speed Resistance Lines
  • Gann Fans
  • Parallel Trendlines
  • Action/Reaction Lines
  • Fibonacci Price Retracements
  • Fibonacci Fans
  • Fibonacci Arcs
  • Fibonacci Time Extensions
  • Fibonacci Price Extensions
  • Andrews' Pitchforks
  • Fixed Time Cycles
  • Fibonacci Time Cycles (or Zones)
  • Text

Once you've drawn your studies, you can save an image of the chart with the studies you added. You can also save your work to a document and return to it later. This allows you to work with several charts if you wish.

I already have some of these features. Why do I need more software?

  • To get new features you don't have.
  • To get more control over the features you do have.
  • To make features available in places where you can't use them now (e.g., newsletters, notes published by others, indicator windows, browsing the Internet, etc.).

To learn more, read the Quick Start Guide, see the Help File or the Testimonials, or Download the Free Trial.

ChartOverlay runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP.
You are welcome to try it on earlier versions of Windows, but some limitations apply.

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